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Life Planning

Life Planning education in BHJS is holistic and vibrant. With the vision that life planning is an ongoing and lifelong process for personal development and fulfillment, the Life Planning Education Committee organizes various experiential learning activities for students in different forms to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, to cultivate students with proper attitudes towards life as a journey, to equip students with knowledge and skills about making informed career choices and to offer students with guidance and support about planning of their career pathways.


Identifying personal interests and abilities, setting academic goal and connecting career aptitudes with subject selection

F.1: Adaption to secondary school life & Self-understanding

F.2: Self-Discovery & Study skills

F.3: NSS curriculum & subject selection


Strengthening the connections between career aptitudes and subject selection, adapting to changes associated with the transition from secondary education to employment 

F.4: Personality Traits & Aptitude Tests & Revision of NSS Study Plans & Career exploration

F.5 - F.6: Interview Skills Workshop & Reflection on student’s learning profile & Writing personal statement and resume & Career exploration

Dialogues with CEOs and Entrepreneurs Activities


F.4 & F.5 Career Exploration: Visiting hospital


F.5 & F.6 Interview Skills Workshop


F.4  Financial Planning Workshop


F.1 Adaption to Secondary School Life Workshop